430°F Medium Well (Bold, Dark) - Brazil Washed Process

Wild Calf

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Dark coffee has less caffeine, but for those that want a darker flavor, we've done it!

100% Arabica, Fair Trade coffee from Brazil.

A small-batch coffee artisan-roasted to a flavorful Medium Well — a bolder tasting coffee with some bitterness, but without the bitterness typically associated with other coffees.  You may be able to savor a variety of flavors from the Specialty Coffee Association Flavor Wheel.  This batch was roasted to 430°F, which should be less sour than the 415F, but it will also be less sweet.  There is a 415°F also available.

We buy small lots of single-origin green coffee to roast.  Our coffees are not blended to create a familiar taste as this may mute the flavors of each specialty bean.  

The Brazil Washed Process is available for a limited time.  Order some today.