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Small Batch Roaster

Why Wild Calf

Our roots are from farms and ranches in Montana and North Dakota.  From a young age, we have witnessed the memorable moment of a newborn calf, and how hopeful it makes the future, for many reasons.  Watching a young calf with its playful spirit as it jumps around after only a few hours is unbelievable.  To many of us, they all look the same, but the baby and the mother know each other.

Our journey with coffee and flavor began in Seattle, where we lived for 11 years.  During that time, we went from thinking coffee was undrinkable to becoming fanatics about it.  After we visited some of the best coffee shops in the world in Seattle (at the time), we grew to love coffee. 

In Seattle, we learned that coffee will taste wildly different depending on who is making it, who is roasting it, where the coffee cherry grew on the tree, how the grower picks the coffee, and finally, how the processor finalizes the coffee flavor through the fermentation, drying process, and sorting.

As growers and producers expand their knowledge of the beans and classify and sort them in ever specific ways, collectively, we can separate the best from the undrinkable.

At Wild Calf, we hope you find all of our coffees to be easy drinking.  In the near future, we will be developing other Wild beverages.

The Mystery of Specialty Coffee

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