412°F Light-Medium (Slightly Fruity and Caramel) - Colombia Decaf

Wild Calf

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100% Arabica coffee from Colombia.  Grown at high-altitude to create denser beans packed more flavor.

Many coffees have been decaffeinated with Methylene Chloride.  We will not explain what that is, but we do know what it is. 

This coffee is special in that it is decaffeinated with a fermented sugar cane process that removes the caffeine.

A small-batch coffee that is artisan-roasted to a flavorful Medium — a familiar tasting coffee with almost no bitterness typically associated with other coffees.  You may be able to savor a variety of flavors from the Specialty Coffee Association Flavor Wheel.  This batch was roasted to 412°F.

We buy small lots of single-origin green coffee to roast.  Our coffees are not blended to create a familiar taste as this may mute the flavors of each specialty bean.  

The Colombia Decaf is available for a limited time.  Order some today.